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Recycling left-over soap: Penny pinching tips from the ‘Auld Git’

If you hate using those slivers of soap sat in the dish but can’t throw them away either, try using them to make new soap bars! writes Armley’s Susan Denton.

Supplies needed:
Old soap
Knife or grater
Saucepan / heat proof dish to create a double boiler
Jug of hand-hot water
Silicone mounds or muffin tray

Optional extras:
Scented oils
Shower gel
Hand held blender

Chop or grate your soaps into small shreds.

If possible put similar shades together. This gives a pleasant colour to your finished soaps.

However “muddy” coloured soap blends are great for children. They can get washed with “dirty soap”

Place soap shreds into heatproof dish and sit over saucepan of gently boiling water. Add small amounts of hand-hot water to the mixture as it melts.

Don’t worry if some lumps remain.

Now add some shower gel at this stage and mix well. A hand-held blender can be useful at this stage. Adding shower gel results in a foamier soap.

Also if wanted add your scented oil now, mix well.

Be warned your soap mixture will begin to set very quickly so transfer to your chosen mounds immediately

Leave the soap to air dry for 2-12 hours. Depending on size.

Remove from mounds and leave to dry and harden for at least 2 days before using.

Look our for more penny pinching ideas from Susan Denton here.


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