Readers show support for 50mph Ring Road and Bypass speed limit – but some have concerns

Leeds' outer ring road, just north of Dawson's Corner at Pudsey.

WLD readers have shown support for plans to reduce the speed limit on the Outer Ring Road and A647 Stanningley Bypass.

As previously reported, Leeds City Council are proposing to reduce the limit to 50mph, replacing the existing 60mph and 70mph sections.

The changes are part of a £20m scheme seeking to improve road safety along the western outer ring road corridor, including of Stanningley Bypass from Bramley Town End through to Dawson’s Corner and then the Outer Ring Road from Dawson’s Corner to Horsforth Roundabout. The council scheme is financed by the Government’s ‘levelling up’ fund.

WLD asked readers earlier this week whether Stanningley Bypass and the Outer Ring Road should have a 50mph speed limit – and out of more than 500 responses, just over 60% of people have supported the move.

Here are the results in full:

A screenshot of the votes taken 10.45am on Friday, 20 January 2023.

Comments on our website and on social media have been more mixed.

Hazel Wrigglesworth said: “Average speed cameras along the whole stretch would be better as many of the accidents are not caused by those travelling within the speed limit.”

Commenter Dave posted: “Lowering the speed limit only inconveniences law abiding drivers. It does nothing to tackle the problem of dangerous drivers who show flagrant disregard for the existing speed limits and treat the roads as a race track. Case in point – stand on Farsley Town Street watching the speed indicator boards, hardly any vehicles adhere to the 20mph limit.”

Carol-Ann Smith added: “Lowering the speed limit on this notorious stretch of road is long overdue. They’ve just got to make sure its enforced.”

Ward councillors in Bramley & Stanningley, Calverley & Farsley, and Pudsey wards are currently being consulted over the proposals, as well as police, other emergency services and West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

The move also has the support of Calverley & Farsley councillor Peter Carlill (Lab), who contacted WLD to say: “Areas of the ring road and bypass are dangerous for all road users. Serious accidents are all too common and fatalities in the area have been devastating. 

“Some areas are prone to dangerous and illegal driving which are a hazard and nuisance to local residents.

“Road safety has always been a priority of mine so reducing speeds on this dangerous route is something I have called for, as well as speed cameras on this and the neighbouring section of the A647 – Bradford Road, via Thornbury Barracks to Dick Lane – to ensure it is adhered to. I have therefore confirmed to officers that I very much support the move, and that I expect to see it enforced by speed cameras as soon as practicably possible.”

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  1. What about slow drivers? They cause just as much frustration as aggressive drivers. Stop going 40 mph in a 60 and get a move on. The poll is not surprising really, the demographic of readers here are the people most likely to be inconveniencing people during rush hour!!

  2. The speed limit is fine at present. Some drivers are not even do 50mph which can be as bad as drivers speeding. Also there are too many drivers hogging the outside lane which is a offence. There is nothing wrong with the road or surface. Average speed cameras are needed that is all.

  3. So, as usual the illegal drivers who are the main problem and won’t care about the proposed revenue raising cameras, will now impact on everyone.


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