Reader’s letter: Why is traffic so bad on Leeds and Bradford Road?

leeds and bradford road
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Problems with heavy traffic down Leeds and Bradford Road have been particularly bad this week. Dispatch reader Dawn Best wants answers …

I would like to try and generate a discussion regarding the traffic this week on Leeds and Bradford Road.

I have been around 15-20 minutes late for work every day (except Tuesday when I wasn’t at work) because the traffic has been backed up from Kirkstall Bridge to Fall Park, which is highly unusual; a) at this time of year and b) at the time I arrive (9am-ish) just after peak traffic.

It appears the traffic lights may have changed priorities or timings but I’m not sure.

Is anyone aware of any changes?


  1. This area has been getting steady worse for a number of months. I thought that it was road works, then accidents but as it is all the time I have started to avoid driving in the area. Not easy if you need to get to Headingley, Horsforth etc.

  2. I bet there was no mention of this from the highways department when the plans were passed for the Allders site!
    They build these things and then leave us to it!
    The traffic lights seem to be out of sequence, so that when you do get a green light, there’s nowhere to go!


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