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Reader’s Letter: ‘Humongous’ traffic fears from Wortley High School housing plans

Plans for 61 houses on the former Wortley High School site have received a number of objections. Here, Swallow Crescent resident Nick Plock voices his concern  over access to the site…

We (the residents of Swallow Crescent) have no objection to 61 houses being proposed on the old school site at the above location.

We want access to the site as originally proposed by the Leeds Council, via Blue Hill Lane.

The proposal is for 61 houses (this is not a problem) but 122 cars going in and out twice a day is humongous for such a small side road.

One side of this narrow street are back-to-back terraces, with small children and animals running up and down the street.

Looking at the plan by KeepMoat Homes, there is inadequate parking for residents and their visitors and therefore parking outside my house, and my neighbours’ – this would be an ongoing nightmare!

At the end of the day and early morning houses in my street have residents parking their Ford Transit vans on both sides of the road, it is sometimes hard getting three vehicles abreast let alone four!!


  1. I’m in agreement with you, Nick. I have met with Keepmoat about these plans and expressed my concerns to them over access to the proposed houses.

    I won’t be supporting the plans as they currently stand.

    Councillor Matt Gibson

  2. Agree with everything that’s been said here – not opposed to the development at all, but the access is unsafe as it stands. It must not be allowed to proceed as it is – please go back to the drawing boards!


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