Reader’s letter: All aboard the new number 10 bus?

The number 9 bus route will soon include extra stops.

Dear sir, It was good to read in West Leeds Dispatch that Squarepeg are to take over the running of the number nine Ring Road bus from Horsforth to the White Rose Centre. The bus will become the number 10 route.

The bus is a lifeline for regular travellers, particularly the students who use it to get to and from college and who would other wise have to take two buses taking over 90 minutes.

I must admit, I stopped using it under the last operators after it had become unreliable. It was seldom on time and on some days could be 20 minutes late or even not turn up at all.

I note that Squarepeg are to be paid one million pounds over 30 months of the contract to operate it, which is an eye-watering amount of money. Let’s hope they manage to improve reliability and get to grow the service.

There’s a lot of taxpayers’ money on the line.

  • Dianne Craven


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