Ring Road bus service saved as SquarePeg steps in to run new number 10

The number 9 bus route will soon include extra stops.

By John Baron

A new operator will run the replacement for the number 9 Horsforth to White Rose Centre service starting in the New Year.

As WLD reported last month, current number 9 operator Yorkshire Buses announced it was withdrawing the service from December 24, despite only taking it on in April after FirstBus pulled out.

WLD can reveal that independent operator Squarepeg has won a tender to run a replacement number 10 service, costing one million pounds over 30 months .The contract with West Yorkshire Combined Authority will run until April 2026.

The lifeline service runs along the ring road from Horsforth, via Rodley Roundabout, Dawsons Corner, Pudsey town centre, Farnley and Wortley.

The news has been welcomed by Calverley & Farsley councillor Peter Carlill (Lab). He said: “Following the announcement – yet again – of cancellation of the number 9 service, I had asked the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to put out a tender to try to save this important route.

“It’s excellent news that Squarepeg have agreed to operate a replacement number 10 service from January, and I’m keen to explore how this could be linked with the eastward number 9 loop service to form even more connections for our area.

“Many thanks to the Mayor, Tracy Brabin, and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority for seeing the importance of this route and working swiftly to ensure no loss of service for residents. I will continue campaigning for more reliable services and connections for our area.”

Councillors Andrew Carter and Amanda Carter, (Cons, Calverley & Farsley Ward) also welcomed the news that Squarepeg will run an hourly daytime number 10 service between the White Rose Centre-Pudsey-Horsforth from 2 January 2024. 

They said: “The news that Squarepeg is to take over the number 9 service after Christmas is very welcome.  It is disappointing that the evening service, which was introduced on a trial basis, will not continue, but we hope this can be re-visited in the future.  

“Unfortunately, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority have still not stepped up to the mark to get the other services in our area reinstated. The fight goes on into the New Year, but we are assured that the No. 9, which will initially be re-named the number 10, will continue to run.”

Squarepeg buses have worked with Metro to revise the timetable, and they have added some additional resources which it is hoped will improve service punctuality and reliability.

Route details

Service 10 White Rose Centre • Pudsey • Horsforth

Tue 2 Jan 2024

Operated by Squarepeg

This service will operate from Horsforth to White Rose Centre via Horsforth Vale, Rodley, Farsley and Pudsey, replacing the withdrawn Yorkshire Buses service 9. The service will operate hourly on weekdays, slightly less frequently on Saturdays, and journeys will be retimed to improve reliability and punctuality. On weekdays, connections with Squarepeg service 9 will be available at Horsforth and White Rose Centre, with a typical 10 minute connection time. Evening journeys, which were introduced on a trial basis by Yorkshire Buses, will no longer operate.


  1. Again what a waste of time. No evening service, hourly day time service, and this incompetent labour council want the public of Leeds to use buses, cycling for a green environment around Leeds but not providing any regular bus service. The amount of cycle lane’s and bus gate lane’s which is destroying or city and not providing a greener environment is unbelievable. At least a bus company is prepared to help out, for how long who knows and will the car users abandoned their vehicles for this public service.

    • This has nothing to do with the Labour council. It was the Conservatives who privatised and deregulated buses (outside London) in 1986 and it’s the current Conservatives who have set the minimum 5-year timescale to change things through the Combined Authority, with plenty of obstacles mandated in the process that could potentially derail any change, resulting in more of the same. The company that has stepped in is only doing so because this is a loss-making tendered route, and the company is being paid to provide the service. I agree all the cycling facilities are a waste of money and an annoyance to motorists, but the current situation with the buses is totally the fault of the Conservatives for deregulating the service in the first place, and gradually reducing funding for many public services, including public transport. Under deregulation, local councils outside London have very little power or influence over bus operation. Until deregulation is repealled, and more funding is provided by central government, this won’t change regardless of which party controls a local council.

  2. So taxpayers are paying to subsidise having buses driving around empty spewing out unnecessary diesel fumes when there isn’t even enough passenger demand for the service to break even on operating costs. What a waste of resources, scrap it.

  3. I can’t found the new number 10 will run from white rose center via all bus stop name.I am not sure which bus stop is correct for get off the bus.


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