Rachel Reeves MP urges businesses to join Farnley Reservoir action day


Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves is encouraging local businesses to join a “Day of Action” to help clean up Farnley Reservoir.

The reservoir is a flood defence and part of one of the city’s Nature Areas,an invaluable haven for wildlife and a vital green space for the local community.

But the reservoir, built in 1973, has been plagued with litter – with much of the rubbish coming from the many food outlets in the area. There have also been problems with vandalism and fly-tipping.

As reported by The Dispatch yesterday, the Day of Action clean up will take place on Friday August 31 between 12 noon and 4pm.

With the support of Leeds City Council, Yorkshire Water and local McDonald’s franchisee Saj Shah, staff from businesses around the reservoir have been invited to join forces to help clean it up.

It is hoped that regular litter-picking, supported by the local community, will pave the way for a long term plan of action that will see Farnley Reservoir reach its full potential as a family-friendly, enjoyable green space in West Leeds.

A clean-up was held last year at Farnley Reservoir featuring local residents and the team at Open Source Arts

Rachel Reeves MP said:

“Local residents have been in touch with me over many months about the litter and rubbish dumped around Farnley Reservoir.

“I have been working with Yorkshire Water to ensure a regular cleaning schedule is followed. But it is vital that we have the support of the local community and businesses to keep Farnley tidy and protect our natural environment.

“Whilst some progress has been made, these must not be one-offs. I hope other businesses will see the benefit of getting involved and join us for litter-picking at the end of the month.

“Farnley Reservoir could be a true green gem in our community – if we all work together to keep it as clean and litter-free as possible.”

farnley reservoir action day

Councillor Matt Gibson (Lab, Farnley & Wortley) said:

“I’m contacted on a regular basis by concerned constituents about the state of the reservoir and its surroundings.

“I’ve been successful in getting Leeds City Council to install two new bins around the reservoir to help alleviate the problems with littering.

“But, in order to keep this momentum going, a real concerted effort is needed from the whole community, particularly the local businesses in the area, to ensure the reservoir reaches its full potential.”

Butt Lane McDonald’s franchisee Saj Shah said he was proud to support the clean up. He added:

“It’s important that local businesses take action in helping improve our local area, especially something as important as the Farnley Reservoir.

“I’d like to encourage members of the public to join us with the clean up on 31st August. It is a real community effort with everyone coming together and we can’t wait to see the result.”

Emily Brady, from Yorkshire Water, added:

“We’ve held several successful clean ups in the past and we’d really love to see more volunteers coming along to help us keep Farnley clean and tidy.

“We know Farnley reservoir is much loved by local residents and we’re working with the community and local businesses to keep it litter free.”


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