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Rachel Reeves confirmed as new Chancellor of the Exchequer

Leeds West and Pudsey Labour MP Rachel Reeves has been confirmed as the country’s first female Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Ms Reeves, 45, was elected as Leeds West and Pudsey MP in the early hours of this morning – and this afternoon new Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer appointed Ms Reeves as Chancellor.

“I’m under no illusions of the scale of challenges we face,” she said, adding that she can’t promise it’ll be easy and “it’s a long road ahead”.

“We’re a new team, it’s a new start so let’s get to work,” the BBC reported.

She has also posted on social media that being the first female chancellor comes with “historic responsibility”.

“To every young girl and woman reading this, let today show that there should be no limits on your ambitions,” she added

Leeds South MP Hilary Benn has been appointed Northern Ireland secretary in Keir Starmer’s new cabinet.


  1. A great appointment. Keir has done well to make sure that people who have the right knowledge are doing the right job.


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