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Leeds West & Pudsey: General Election 2024 result – Rachel Reeves wins for Labour

By John Baron

Labour’s Rachel Reeves won the new Leeds West and Pudsey seat at the 2024 General Election.

She received 18,976 votes, compared to Tory candidate Lee Farmer’s 6,584 – a majority of 12,392.

Watch the result and Ms Reeves’ speech below:

Following last year’s boundary changes, voters in Armley, Bramley & Stanningley, Calverley & Farsley and Pudsey council wards now vote in the new constituency, which is a combination of parts of two previous constituencies: Leeds West and Pudsey.


  • REEVES, Rachel – Labour Party – 18,976
  • FARMER Lee Anthony – Conservative Party – 6,584
  • WHITEHEAD, Andrea – Reform – 6,281
  • FORSAITH, Ann Christine – Green Party – 3,794
  • WALKER, Dan – Liberal Democrats – 1,743
  • LONGHORN, Darren James – Yorkshire Party –
  • EL KHEIR, Jamal – Workers Party – 633
  • WATSON, Sasha – Social Democratic Party – 79

Labour majority: 12,392. Turnout: 54.9%


  1. Absolutely Rubbish she has never done anything for this ward it was all done by Lou Cunningham, she gets fed up jumped ship and low n behold the people stood with her

  2. I think we ought to have another vote. As people didn’t know what they were voting for. Oh excuse me. Isn’t that what the remoaners said after Brexit?

  3. We used to hold our campaign meetings in the Wetherspoons in Bramley (Old Unicorn) so I don’t know what the other person commenting is implying. We still hold our monthly CLP Meetings in social clubs right across the area (which they’ll be happy to verify) and Rachel often attends these. Wheeltappers & Shunters style clubs and if you don’t know what that is ask anyone over 50!

  4. It was rather a catch 22 situation this election. Yes the Labour-controlled Leeds City Council have been making a pigs ear of the city for years (closure of the short-term care homes like Richmond House meaning patients cannot be released from hospital, money wasted on the awful Stanningley Bottom road design & vanity bike lane etc). But equally the Conservatives nationally have made a mess of the whole country. Hospital capacity not increased to meet demand. Schools and hospitals being held up with scaffold poles to stop the building collapsing. No NHS dentists anywhere in the country accepting new patients. Can’t get a GP appointment. No regulation of the water companies to stop the sewage discharge problems. Highest energy prices in Europe. Income tax and ISA allowances not increased to account for inflation. The list goes on.


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