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Pudsey schoolchildren boosted by laptop donations

Youngsters at Primrose Hill Primary School in Pudsey have welcomed the donation of new laptops to help them carry out their work.

Following the success of the “Computers for Schools” initiative during the he Covid-19 pandemic, Pudsey councillor Simon Seary (Caons) has taken the lead in a collaborative effort to support education in the community.

Through a partnership with Next Generation IT and Borg Warner, Primrose Hill Primary School in Pudsey has received a generous donation of laptops, enabling enhanced learning opportunities for its students.

Cllr Seary, a dedicated advocate for educational development and community engagement, was approached by Nick Morrall from Borg Warner. Nick, representing his employer, expressed their desire to contribute back to the community by donating 45 laptops that had recently been replaced within the company.

Cllr Seary reached out to Steven Lightfoot of Next Generation IT, a local leader in IT solutions and connectivity for schools.

Together, they spearheaded the refurbishment efforts, ensuring that the laptops were restored to optimal condition. The collaborative efforts yielded positive results, as 30 fully functional units were prepared for donation to Primrose Hill Primary School at no cost to the institution.

The donation of laptops will provide students with increased access to technology, facilitating their educational journey and equipping them with vital digital skills for the future.

“We are thrilled to witness the impact that can be made when local companies and community leaders join forces,” said Councillor Seary. “The refurbished laptops provided by Borg Warner, in collaboration with Next Generation IT, will make a significant difference in the lives of the students at Primrose Hill Primary School.

“We hope that this inspiring act of giving encourages other businesses to follow suit and contribute to the betterment of education within our community.”

The donation has been welcomed by the school.

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