Pudsey resident maps town vandalism problems


A Pudsey resident is mapping the town’s problems with vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Glenn Taylor is so fed up with a recent spate of vandalism that he’s set up a mini website with an interactive map of Pudsey where fellow residents can map out where they’ve had problems with anti-social behaviour.

Posting on Pudsey Born and Bred Facebook page, Mr Taylor said the website can be used to keep track of incidents to help build up a case to put to local councillors, police and the MP. He added:

“The idea is every time somebody in Pudsey, no matter where, has an issue with youths or any form of anti-social behaviour – they jump on here, put in the address/street where it occurred, what happened and the date/time.

“This builds up a map showing the various incidents. It’s completely anonymous and I won’t share any information taken other than pinning the location and showing the date/time.”

The map can be found here.

The West Leeds Dispatch has extensively featured some of the problems in the town centre over the past couple of weeks. Plants have been ripped from flowerbeds and there has been a general increase in anti-social behaviour. Police this week pledged to step up foot patrols on an evening.






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