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Pudsey: Police call for review of World’s End pub licence

A licence to sell alcohol at Pudsey pub The World’s End is to be reviewed by Leeds City Council on Tuesday.

The matter has been brought before the council’s licensing sub-committee following concerns by West Yorkshire Police about ongoing incidents with anti-social behaviour and drugs at the Booths Yard pub.

A report to be considered by councillors says this includes a variety of incidents since 2014, including a reported firearm incident outside the pub earlier this year.

The report also raises concerns over the pub’s CCTV.

Councillors will hear representations from the police and landlord at the Civic Hall meeting on Tuesday.

Members can decide to:

  • modify the conditions of the licence;
  • exclude any licensable activities to which the application relates;
  • remove the Designated Premises Supervisor;
  • suspend the licence for a period not exceeding 3 months; and/or
  • revoke the licence.

Members may decide that no action is necessary, or they may issue an informal warning to the licence holder or recommend improvement within a particular time.

Read the reports to be considered by councillors in full.

The licensing sub-committee will be held at Leeds Civic Hall on Tuesday, 6th September at 1.30pm. Members of the public can attend proceedings.

UPDATE TUESDAY, 6.30pm: The World’s End has had its licence revoked today.


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