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Pudsey phone mast plans rejected following residents’ opposition

Words: John Baron

Council planners have rejected proposals for an 18-metre high mobile phone mast and cabinets in a Pudsey residential street, following local opposition.

More than 60 letters of objection were lodged against H3G’s planning application for a mast, wraparound cabinet and three additional equipment cabinets on a grassed area next to 17 Uppermoor.

Residents and local councillors had raised concerns about visual intrusion, highways safety and inappropriate siting, among others.

There were four letters of support for the new mast and the planning application said the mast would help improve the Three network service in the area.

In rejecting the application, a council planning officer’s report said:

“It is considered that the siting on this small, intimate grassed area which contributes to the visual amenity of Uppermoor would have a significantly detrimental impact on the character and appearance of the immediate area by reason of the mast’s height and bulk within the proposed location.

“In addition, the mast would produce a poor focal point for nearby residents due to its scale and appearance, which would be emphasised by the lack of similar structures in the immediate area.”

The report said the 18m-high mast would be ‘well above’ the existing street-lighting and nearby houses.

The plans – and council decision – can be viewed in full here.

WLD first reported on the mast plans and opposition here.


  1. Nice job! There’s no reason anyone would want to use their mobile phone in Pudsey, eh? I particularly like standing on the main road some hundreds of yards from my house whenever I need to make a phone call. Perhaps we can focus our energy on the next big problem we’ve been suffering for years and tear down those ghastly electricity pylons ruining our views. Whatever fool thought we’d want electric in our town I have no idea, it completely ruins the aesthetic. We must unite and stand up to these tools of the Devil, don’t worry my friends we’ll be living in our mud huts again soon just as our ancestors intended.


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