Opposition grows to Pudsey phone mast plan

Uppermoor Pudsey
Plans: Uppermoor, Pudsey. Photo: Google

Opposition is growing to plans to site an 18 metre high mobile phone pole and cabinets in a residential street in Pudsey.

So far 13 objections have been received against H3G’s planning application for a mast, wraparound cabinet, and three additional equipment cabinets adjacent to 17 Uppermoor, in Pudsey.

The planning application states:

“H3G (Three) is committed to providing improved network coverage and capacity, most notably in relation to 5G services.

“In these unprecedented times of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is recognised that high-speed mobile connectivity is the lifeblood of a community; facilitating educational benefits, providing access to vital services, improving communications with the associated commercial benefits for local businesses, enabling e-commerce and facilitating the increased need and demand for working from home, as well as enjoying access to social, media and gaming for leisure time activities.

“It is our opinion that the proposed design presents a better ‘fit’ within the local community and immediate street scape, offering a reduced visual impact upon an area of adopted highway identified, as situated out with a conservation area or other such restrictive designation.”

But the proposals have led to local opposition, including Pudsey councillors Dawn and Simon Seary.

One objector said:

“As someone who will overlook this I can’t understand why this small green space has been chosen. This is currently a nice-looking area of Pudsey with mature trees and older housing.

“The seat on the corner is used regularly due to how pleasant the area is. There are many open spaces in Pusey that are not overlooked or so enclosed that could be used as an alternative. Surely we don’t want this industrial looking huge installation on our small tree lined main road through the town?”

Another added:

“The area is very suburban, not a commercial area where you’d sensibly look to place a mast of such great height.”

And another raised concerned about road safety and said:

“The road, Uppermoor, has three bends in quick succession and due to speeding cars we have incidents quite often. One demolished a wall two weeks ago and a couple of years ago the garden wall and BT box opposite the site were wrecked. The small plot of land has tree cover of several horse chestnut trees and a bench which local residents use regularly.”

The plans can be viewed in full here.


  1. I live in Pudsey and there’s quite enough to contend with , without a huge phone mast, the anti social behaviour being rained down on our once lovely area ,from many outsiders I hasten to add , is appalling, speeding cars racing from Bradford , High performance cars that the drivers clearly cannot handle , drug dealing , stabbings , damage to property and Pudsey Park.The police seem unable to handle it all, no dispersal orders being placed on these young thugs, we don’t want ugly masts and we don’t want anti social behaviour , we want a lovely area , to stay a lovely area

  2. Shame on these people for using covid as an excuse to promote their plans to vandalise a beautiful area of pudsey.This mast and accompanying equipment boxes will be an eyesore and impact on house prices as well as causing more traffic and noise disruption.There must be numerous other locations where this eyesore could be erected without impacting on locals homes/businesses etc.


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