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Pudsey: Group aims to rejuvenate Lidget Hill with flower power

Pudsey in Bloom’s big project this year is to revamp the Lidget Hill area, writes Margaret Lowham.

There are two beds on the left side of the road looking up the hill and a smaller one on the right-hand side.

The area was identified as poorly maintained and lacking in colour. It is mainly planted with shrubs which have replaced previous bedding schemes.

Neither scheme has proved successful as pedestrians take short cuts through the beds, rubbish blows or is thrown in there and dogs use it as a toilet and owners do not clean it up.

Volunteers from Pudsey in Bloom are hoping to improve these tired flowerbeds in time for summer

Our solution is to have these areas paved and new planters located in their place. These will be filled with colourful plants which we hope will produce a much brighter area.

The brick bed by the traffic lights behind the noticeboard will be repaired.

The few old rose bushes that remain will be removed and some hanging baskets will be installed on a post to give height.

These will be under-planted with bedding plants. The daffodils will be replanted as these give such wonderful spring colour.

We are working closely with our local councillor Mick Coulson and Leeds City Council on this project and will be part-funded by them.

We hope the area will be better appreciated when it is completed!


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