Pudsey: Former Trinity chapel/nightclub could become flats

pudsey_trinity chapel
Photo: http://www.churches-uk-ireland.org/towns/p/pudsey.html

A former Methodist chapel and nightclub in Pudsey could be transformed into 20 one-bedroom flats if newly-submitted plans are approved.

The Grade II Listed Trinity Methodist Chapel, off Lowtown, closed as a church in 1982 and was used as a shopping arcade throughout the 1980s and 90s, as well as an arts centre and Citizens Advice Bureau and cafe.

Most recently it was a nightclub, which closed two years ago due to anti-social behaviour.

The new plans, submitted by Pudsey-based Mossfold Developments Ltd, say that each of the 20 flats will be self contained.

The development has been scaled back from original proposals for 30 flats.

A planning statement by developers Mossfold says:

“…This scheme is able to incorporate and even enhance many of the features… This has been achieved in large part through the reduction in the number of proposed flats from 30 to 20.”

The statement pledges to maintain as many of the building’s historical features as possible. The chapel dates back to around 1899.

The planning statement adds:

“It is inevitable that the conversion of the building will entail the loss of the large open space.

“However, this Statement identifies parts of the building that can be retained so that not only the exterior of the chapel will retain important aspects of its original character.

“Through the creation of duplex apartments with upper mezzanine levels the main double height windows that flank each side of the chapel can be both retained and remain unaffected.

“Where existing pews and low-level railings have not be destroyed or altered by previous uses, they can be removed carefully and restored.

“Through this conversion communal areas are to be created and the re-installation of these features will show the historical development of the building.”

The proposed development would use the existing access from Mount Pleasant Road.

Plans can be viewed in full – and commented upon – here.


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