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Pudsey cyclist raises over £2,000 in 300-mile charity trek

A Pudsey man has cycled 300 miles for charity on a hand-built bike frame first given to him 61 years ago. 

Pudsey cyclist Tim Devereux has raised more than £2,200 for British charity Medical Aid for Palestinians, which is offering medical services during the current crisis in the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon. 

He said: “Apart from a twinge in my left achilles tendon, my 75-year-old body seem to have coped well with the five days effort.

“I actually rode faster than I expected – overall average 11.3 mph. However speed was the last thing I was thinking about on the hard bits – battling a headwind in the flat Lincolnshire countryside as I approached my sister Anne’s home at the end of day two, and creeping up Saddlescombe Road, just outside Brighton on the final day.

“I was in my bottom gear, where one turn of the pedals doesn’t even turn the wheel all the way round, with the speedo at 4 kph – but with son Francis encouraging me, I made it!”

His JustGiving page is here.


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