Pudsey councillor hails decision to move ‘ugly’ storage container

richard lewis richardshaw lane

A Pudsey councillor has welcomed the decision by planners against the siting of an industrial container on one of the main roads into Pudsey.

Richard Lewis (Lab, Pudsey) described the container, next to shops on Richardshaw Lane, as ‘ugly’.

He said it’s now up to the owner to confirm in writing their intention to move the container. If they don’t, an enforcement notice will be served on them. Cllr Lewis said:

“The owner has effectively delayed enforcement action through putting in for planning permission, but has got a clear message back that an ugly storage container has no place in the middle of a Victorian streetscape.

“I know that this decision will be welcomed by local residents who’ve put up with it far too long. I sometimes get impatient that the processes we have to go through to sort out planning issues can be too long, but at least we’ve got a positive result.”


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