Pudsey Civic Hall relaunch event for teenage parenting book

Pudsey book launch: Dr Graham Ramsden.

by Jacinta Osawe

Dr Graham Ramsden, an education psychologist and best-selling author, will relaunch his book in Pudsey.

“The Teenager in the Greenhouse: A psychologist’s Guide to Parenting Your Teenager” will be relaunched at Pudsey Civic Hall at 7pm, Thursday 20 April 2023. He aims to offer parents advice on how to understand their teenagers and support them better.

He claims that parents if have a better understanding of how and why their kids act a certain way and offers tips on what they can do to make a stress-free life for them and their teenagers.

“I am relaunching my book for the first time in Leeds,” he said. “The aim is to promote the access to the book for busy parents, it helps to understand the changes in the teenage brain. I’m not lecturing parents because they are trying their best, but what I want to do is take away that guilt and pain parent feel, and just want to show them and guide them”.

Dr Ramsden who has just moved from Jersey, was a primary school teacher for 12 years and a psychologist for 21 years. As an education psychologist, he aims at improving the education in schooling children within two to 25 years old.

He was inspired to start writing his books when a parent from a support program for teenagers he ran in Jersey advised it would would be a good idea. 

He added: “I’m not doing this because the parenting support programs in Leeds don’t work, Leeds have got all the parents support groups. This is a different approach, and it’s about empowering parents to understand the psychology perspective in parenting and it is just there to support all other parenting programs in Leeds.”

Dr Ramsden will be sharing his idea with his audiences that will be at his upcoming event and tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite for £8. Also his books are available on Amazon from £10- £15 and on Kindle for £7.50.

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