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Pudsey church offers cool sanctuary during heatwave

Pudsey Parish Church is throwing open its doors tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday to offer cool refuge as ‘dangerously hot’ temperatures hit parts of the UK.

The church will be open from 12.30pm to 5pm as a ‘cool sanctuary’ as the weather forecast predicts temperatures of up to 39 degrees celsius in Leeds on Tuesday.

Posting on social media, the Reverend Richard Dimery said that one of the advantages of being a big stone building with a very high ceiling is that when it’s very hot outside, the church is the coolest place in the town! He added:

“It’ll be nice and simple – a welcoming safe cool space with water and squash on tap to keep people hydrated – especially important for people whose homes or flats just turn into ovens or the vulnerable who need to escape the heat.

“Babies are very welcome (they overheat easily too). Level access for wheelchairs. There will be chairs and tables out. Bring a book if you like. There will be jigsaws to have a go at. There’s free wifi, so bring a laptop if you want somewhere cool to work for a change.

“We might even manage some ice lollies if they’re not sold out!”

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Rev Dimery added: “Given the extreme weather effects of climate change this might be something we do more regularly in times to come. Feel free to tell your friends – this is for anyone who lives or works in the local area.”

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