Pudsey Carnival – how defibrilators are saving lives in town


2018 marks 30 consecutive years of Pudsey Carnival, but few people know that the Pudsey Carnival actually began in 1898, writes Dawn Seary.

It started initially to showcase the town and secure it a Charter Status – which was awarded in 1889 by Queen Victoria – the Carnival stopped shortly after in 1890.

In 1923 The Mayor Councillor Richard Ingha, who was inspired by his attendance at Blackpool Carnival, decided that Pudsey could go one step better and the carnival was resurrected that year with just a month’s notice.

Funds raised from the Carnival were donated to Pudsey Medical Charities.

Following the end of the war in 1945 and the subsequent start of the NHS, the carnival once again serving it’s purpose stopped. It was resurrected again in 1988 and funds raised over the years have been donated to local groups.

In 2016 our chairman Simon Seary, inspired by the Royal Hotel’s siting of the first defibrillator and his neighbour being saved by a mobile machine at Bramley Park run, suggested the funds be raised towards defibrillators for Pudsey – which has brought us full circle with a nod to the past by funding medical equipment.

Needless to say, fundraising in 2016 far exceeded the Carnival Committee’s highest expectations and we were able to fund and site four 24-hour access defibrillators in Pudsey.

Further funding from local groups and individuals, Waterloo School, Crawshaw and Grangefield Schools’ donation from their non uniform day, The Fox and Grapes music festival and our own 2017 carnival Queen’s family fund raising efforts – The Kite Family – all inspired by the Carnival have meant that we have added four more in 2017.

And we hope to fund two more before the Carnival on 19th May 2018.

Below is a map with the nine defibrillators marked on it. – you may wish to down load an app that will show this on your ‘phone as well AED save a life.

However, if you are unfortunate enough to have to dial 999, the dispatcher will direct you to the nearest defibrillator anyway – if it is safe (and close enough) to do so.

The Carnival defibrillators are located as follows:

1. First 4 Cars – Junction of Uppermoor and Occupation Lane
2. Fox and Grapes – Smalewell Road
3. The Cenotaph – Junction at Chapeltown and South Parade
4. St Andrews Methodist Church – Robin Lane
5. Masons Arms – Lowtown
6. Lowtown School (Caretakers house) – Kent Rd
7. Waterloo School – Victoria Road.
8. The Royal Hotel – Station Street.

Thank you to the people of Pudsey who have given so generously – hopefully in 2018 we can DOUBLE it!


  1. as president of Pudsey Park Bowling club,we are trying to find a source of donations to help provide a defibrilator in the park itself possibly sited on the club pavilion or the visitor centre,as one of our members had need of one last year !.we wondered if the carnival committee could help with this,if we could contact someone on that committee.
    Shirley Rhodes..tel 0113 2566433. would be most grateful for any advice on this .


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