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Powerful theatre, folk music and stories to excite at Armley’s Interplay Theatre

Stories, songs and other seriously good stuff will be performed at Armley’s Interplay Theatre over the coming months.

Interplay bosses say they’re bringing some incredible events to Armley, including powerful theatre pieces, folk infused music and stories to enjoy, excite and explore.

Here are five things they’re offering:

1. The Vultures’ Song

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A powerful and entertaining story from theatre company Blah Blah Blah of a young girl’s journey to find a new home.

6pm February 6th 2020
Tickets from £5

2. Charlie Limm ‘Heart to Shore’ Launch (with Support from David Broad)

Charlie brings haunting vocals, guitar and flute to the mix infused with classic 70’s folk vibes.

7.30pm February 22nd 2020
Tickets £5

3. Shaggy Dog Storytellers – Leeds Lit Fest 2020

Shaggy Dog story tellers bring two Yorkshire tales to Interplay Theatre as part of Leeds Lit Fest 2020.

7.30pm March 5th 2020
Tickets at

4. What Happened to Agnes

What Happened to Agnes brings to life the vivid imagination of singer and story-teller Nishla Smith, as she spins her grandmother’s Malaysian childhood memories into a magic-realist realm of talking tigers, hidden dangers and infinite staircases.

7.30pm March 6th 2020
Tickets £8

5. Life of Illusia

From Leeds based Invisible Pain Theatre Company, ‘Life of Illusia’ is a gripping fantasy tale with enchanting live music.

7.30pm April 2nd-3rd 2020

Tickets available from Feb 2020.

Interplay is based on Armley Ridge Road.

More details on the Interplay website.


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