Police: Town Street drinking ‘improving’


Police say problems with street drinking on Armley Town Street are slowly improving.

Inspector Simon Jessop of West Yorkshire Police said six injunctions banning known street drinkers were having a positive effect on the area.

He said all six were banned from being on Town Street whether they had alcohol on them or not, while four of them were getting some sort of treatment for their problems.

Insp Jessop told a public meeting into the future of Town Street last night:

“I’m really pleased. I’m not saying the treatment will work or that they’ll stick it out, but it’s a start. We’re looking at what the issues are for these people and trying to help and support them.

“It’s not perfect, but I hope we are making some progress. Ultimately our aim is to get them off Town Street.”

It was also revealed at the meeting that a public consultation will start after Christmas into whether people would like to see Armley having a Cumulative Impact Police.

Headingley and Chapel Allerton both have similar policies in place to help restrict the number of off-licences in an area and help provide the council with stricter powers to turn them down.

Town Street has more than 20 off licenses in operation – one application was approved last month, and another withdrawn.


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