Police operation targets crime and anti-social behaviour in Armley, Bramley and Pudsey

Photo: West Yorkshire Police.

A police operation has been targeting crime and anti-social behaviour in three west Leeds communities today.

Operation Ashmill is an initiative which combines the expertise of local neighbourhood policing teams to tackle neighbourhood crime and community issues.

Today’s instalment is being led by officers from the Leeds West Neighbourhood Policing Team, focusing on the Armley, Bramley and Pudsey areas.

A series of warrants under the Misuse of Drugs Act has led to the recovery of an electronic stun gun and the seizure of a number of cannabis plants.

A stun gun was recovered. Photo: West Yorkshire Police

Several people have been arrested, including for drugs offences, serious violent crime and failing to appear at court.

A roads policing operation to disrupt criminals on the roads and an increased focus on enforcing standards of driving has seen several uninsured vehicles seized.

Patrols are being targeted into key hotspot areas throughout the day and into the evening to focus on a range of issues from drug dealing, burglary and street robbery to violent crime and anti-social behaviour, linked to local street gangs.

Superintendent Russ Hughes, Operations lead for Leeds District, said:

“Today’s operation is a robust and proactive response to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in some of our hardest hit communities.

“This initiative clearly illustrates our determination to confront the problems head on and show the law-abiding majority that we are fully committed to making their areas safer.

“The extra police resources we have brought into the area today are giving a real boost to the daily work carried out by neighbourhood policing officers and we are convinced it will make an impact on the issues that affect local people the most.

“This is by no means a one-off and we intend to build on the success of Operation Ashmill as it targets other neighbourhoods across Leeds over the coming weeks and months.”


  1. We might ask why the police are focussed on trivial things like pot, when the nation has been usurped by a criminal cabal masquerading as a democratic government.
    We have a prime minister who lied outrageously in order to get elected: he told us the Northern Ireland Protocol was the best thing since sliced bread, and now they’re complaining that it does exactly what they agreed it would do.
    They’ve wilfully infected care homes with a deadly virus, and they freely lie to us again and again and again.
    This is criminal misconduct, and that is meant literally, not figuratively: see https://www.cps.gov.uk/legal-guidance/misconduct-public-office#_Toc519523916

    Why don’t the police do anything?
    Perhaps on the whole it is because they are not asked to: people don’t bother to report these offences, perhaps because they are happening in plain view.

    I know that that is not the case in West Yorkshire: they have had at least a few reports, but they have deemed all this to be a victimless crime, so have not recorded it.


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