Photos show danger inside derelict former medical centre off Armley Town Street

The former medical centre on Theaker Lane. Photo: Chaotic Footsteps

A Yorkshire photographer has captured the dangers of a former medical centre off Armley Town Street.

The ‘solo explorer’ – who goes under the pseudonym Chaotic Footsteps on Facebook and exploring_with_lou on Instagram – was responding to last week’s WLD report on plans to introduce meeters and greeters onto Armley Town Street in a bid to make the area more welcoming to shoppers.

The photographer pointed to other issues that needed sorted out – including derelict buildings like the former medical centre on nearby Theaker Lane – and problems with street drinkers and anti-social behaviour. She said:

“We have high passions of looking at abandoned places and the history places hold. We recently looked inside the former medical centre that is very dangerous and needs demolishing urgently before some injury is caused. As you look there is fire damage, vandalism and needles.

“We’ve been exploring and researching over year now, we come along to look and walk away with nothing but footsteps. 

“My key point is please push to have such buildings made safe and listen to what users want to see and how it all effects our daily lives.”

Previous unsuccessful plans for the Theaker Lane Clinic site include a 22-bed hostel with six kitchens in 2016.

The building was subject to an arson attack in 2018, dubbed at the time as a ‘wake up call’ for Leeds City Council to properly secure the building by Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves.

Members of Armley Forum recently heard that the council had secured just under £25,000 for temporary staff to be employed on Town Street to provide a warm welcome, guide people to shops and businesses, and help people by providing a visible presence.

The meeters and greeters are being facilitated by the Armley Action Team, which is a community group set up to help work towards a more integrated and sociable Armley Town Street. It aims to make Town Street and beyond a safer and family friendly shopping experience for all.


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