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Photographer captures beautiful deer on camera in West Leeds

Words & Photos: Mark Stevenson

I reckon I could give Paul Daniels a run for his money when it comes to making things disappear. I only have to put one finger on my camera and puff the animal I was going to take a picture of is gone. 

Never had much luck when it comes to wildlife photography – buildings are much easier to photograph. 

The other day I noticed a deer had been killed on the Ring Road as you head towards Rodley. Hundreds of animals are killed each year on that section of the Ring Road alone but seeing the deer reminded me I had some photos of deer around West Leeds just gathering dust in a folder so I thought I would share them with you.


  1. I should think that the car which killed the deer sustained substantial damage.
    Deer in LS 29 have no fear of the A65. Sadly, injured deer are frequently “put to sleep” by local vets. It maybe that there is no one to pay vet bills. I wonder who owns wild deer.


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