Photo of the week: Refugees welcome in Armley


Today your Dispatch starts a new series highlighting the best of YOUR photographs. A ‘photo of the week’ feature, highlighting all the positive stuff happening in communities across west Leeds, no less!

And what better way to kickstart our feature than this beauty from Armley Junktion, which is part of the Real Junk Food Project.

Bosses at the pay as you feel cafe last week painted ‘Refugees Welcome, Everybody Welcome’ on an outside wall – but since then staff have been threatened, the sign was painted over in white paint and police have become involved.

It made some rather unsavoury headlines about Armley in the YEP this weekend.

Unbowed, the guys at Real Junk Food have repainted the sign again.  

The West Leeds Dispatch is written and edited by local people. We know people in Armley are decent folk and while there are tensions in the area, we believe more people in Armley are welcoming of refugees than those who aren’t.

Let’s not be divided, we need to find ways to find commonality.

Got a photo of life from your part of west Leeds to share? Email yours to


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