Can you help tidy Bramley’s war graves?


Could you give up a couple of hours of your time to tidy some of Bramley’s forgotten war graves and memorials?

A group of about ten local residents from Bramley and Rodley give up a couple of hours every fortnight to clear nearly 60 graves and memorials in the overgrown graveyard at Bramley Baptist Church.

Organiser John Barker, from Rodley, says more hands are needed after one volunteer started college.

Mr Barker said they are still undertaking “Time Team”-style excavations to find new memorials and graves lost in the undergrowth.

Pictured above is a photo from three weeks ago showing a newly-found memorial to Tom Toothill, a local airman lost in North Africa in 1943.

Anyone who wants to help out can meet in the graveyard this Wednesday (September 23) at 1.30pm.


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