Penny-pinching ideas from the ‘auld git’: Close curtains, eat chilli and shower with a marine


Here are the latest monthly money saving ideas from one of our Armley community reporter, who likes to be know as the ‘auld git’…

There’s nothing I’d like better than sharing a shower with a marine commando.

Unfortunately all I’ve got is ‘im indoors, and he just moans that our shower is not big enough.

I promised you, in my last update, how a commando shower could save you money. 

  • Turn shower on
  • Wet body
  • Turn water off
  • Soap up body
  • Scrub
  • Turn water on, rinse
  • Turn water off

Result is a clean body, reduced water usage and cost of water, plus cost of heating water.

If you’ve got a couple of teenagers training them to shower like this could save you enough money to holiday in “very happy hotel” ever year. 

I cooked chili in the slow cooker the other night. I used half the usual amount of meat ‘im indoors uses in his chilli dish. I also had a lot of fresh tomatoes, multi-coloured peppers and onions that I bought from a waste food project.

Our son and I had ours with plain boiled rice. 

For those of you who remember children’s TV series The Magic Roundabout, Dylan the rabbit – aka our son – hoovered his meal up in one and declared it “yeah yeah dude” and ‘im indoors had chunky chips with chilli and responded when asked how was the chilli? “Really good, filling but not hot enough, needs more chilli.”

Later that evening he spotted the unused half of meat in the fridge. “I knew it weren’t right, that chilli. What ya gonna do with the meat you’ve wasted?”

Now, ladies, you’re saying to yourselves he must be good in bed …. I’ll get back to you all on that one. My reply to ‘im indoors was I thought I’d do bolognese or cottage pie. Or maybe throw it in the dustbin. God love him, someone’s got to…

Another good habit to get into is using secondary curtain liners. These are the separate off-white liners that can be hung up with your usual curtains in colder weather.

You could invest in a pair of thermal liners or use a set obtained from a charity shop. Either way you’ll begin to save money on your heating bills, put them away in summer and bring back out again in autumn. Win win. Closing curtains before sunset will also reduce heat loss. Don’t forget to close bedroom curtains before sunset too.

To sum up, close curtains, eat chilli and shower with a marine of your choice. Till next time, from ‘im indoors, ‘Dylan the rabbit’ and yours truly, the ‘Auld git’. Look after the pennies  and the pounds look after themselves.

For all the ‘auld git’s penny pinching columns, follow this link.


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