Parking measures earmarked for these Farsley and Stanningley streets

Coal Hill Lane, near the junction with Coal Hill Drive. Photo: Google Maps

A number of streets in Farsley and Stanningley are set for parking restrictions following concerns over pedestrian safety.

Leeds City Council is to introduce no waiting “at any time” restrictions at a number of junctions where inconsiderate parking results in poor junction visibility and traffic congestion.

The streets are:

  • High Street, Farsley 
  • Bryan Street, Farsley 
  • Glenholme Road, Farsley 
  • Farfield Rise/Farfield Avenue, Farsley 
  • Sunfield Place, Stanningley

Alongside those streets, three locations have also been identified where all day parking regularly takes place preventing residents from parking near or close to their homes

Permit parking will be introduced at:

  • Charles Street, Farsley 
  • Coal Hill Lane, Farsley
  • Sunfield, Stanningley

The Sunfield measures are aimed at tackling congestion particularly around Sun Field Medical Centre. Coal Hill Lane residents are experiencing problems with long stay on-street parking following the introduction of restrictions in the vicinity of a new gym in the area.
A council report revealing the changes states:

“A number of location in the Calverley and Farsley Ward regularly suffer from inconsiderate parking, resulting in poor junction visibility, congestion and/or obstruction to the public highway. “

The measures will cost the council £7,000. The improvements will be funded by section 106 money gathered by the council from developers from housing being built near Farsley Celtic Football Club and a residential development at Upper Carr Lane.

The Dispatch reported on similar proposals in other parts of Calverley and Farsley ward a year ago.

What do you think? Are the measures right for the area? Have your say in the comments section below.


  1. Shame they don’t also look at doing this on Fernbank Road opposite Leeds West Academy and Summerfield Primary where parking is absolutely horrendous!

    • There are three schools in this direct area and the parking is horrific, the traffic is terrible and the safety of the public is practically nonexistent!!!!

  2. Is this going to solve the problem?it’s probably push the problem onto the new estates round the area of that gym on the bend of coal hill lane and Bagley lane ridiculous a gym opened with hundreds of members with 20 parking spaces joke!!

  3. Glenholme Road should also be permit only as residents cant turn into their street easily on an evening and weekend due to cars parked on both sides where car users live on 3- 4 streets opposite Glenholme Road – we have asked the council & councillors numerous times for this , if a fire engine needed emergency access they would struggle .

  4. We have been trying now for two years to get the sign for Coal Hill Green to be replaced, it is a cul-de-Sac for residents only parking, but unfortunately the sign was ripped down some years ago by an old tennant and never replaced by the council, this is a private residents car park and the whole school parents, use this car park as an extension of the school car park, this square is full of the elderly and disabled and need access to the car park for ambulances and the disabled access bus… the school parents have no consideration for us the residents or the elderly and disabled who live here and we are fed up of having our cars destroyed by young school kids opening their doors too closely to our cars and damaging the paintwork and badly scratching them, we are sick of having to pick up rubbish left behind by the kids that they drop in the car park … we want our private residence park sign putting back up or permit parking only too !!!! We live here not them, we pay our council tax for our property and place we live, we pay our road tax and insurance and mot for our cars and we have rights …. the parents of the school kids are very rude when approached and asked to please park somewhere else and have no respect or thought and consideration for the elderly and disabled of this estate!!!!

  5. stanningley rugby club has insufficient parking facilities for the amount of traffic when they have a game or function.this causes inconsiderate and sometimes dangerous congestion on the roads around the club even though yellow lines are in place.if emergency vehicles cannot get to the houses further on from the club,this could prove a real disaster,this is a problem that needs addressing sooner rather than later.


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