Ofsted praise of Armley’s Holy Family Primary School

Praise: Holy Family Primary

By John Baron

Armley’s Holy Family Catholic Primary School continues to be a good school.

That’s the view of Ofsted inspectors following a February inspection at the Parliament Road school. They were impressed by the school’s connection to its community and that pupils, staff and parents describe the school as a family.

The report adds:

“Leaders have carefully designed an ambitious curriculum. Life experiences and local visits are a key part of this.

“Leaders make reading a high priority. Pupils visit the school library frequently. They enjoy daily story time.

“Staff have raised the profile of vocabulary. In reception, staff introduce and model new words. In nursery, staff ensure children say words clearly. Leaders have identified the important words children should learn in the early years. However, leaders continue to develop the sequencing of the curriculum so that children learn words in the right order.

“The mathematics curriculum builds on what pupils have learned before. Lessons typically begin with a recap or ‘throwback’ activity. Year 6 pupils say this helps them to remember their learning.”

The report says pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) participate fully in school life.

Pupils behave well during breaktimes. Staff make sure there are plenty of things for them to do, such as team games or the chance to dance with friends to music.

Staff are proud to work at the school and benefit from a range of training. They appreciate leaders’ efforts to support their well-being and help them to manage their workload.

In terms of improving on the school’s ‘good’ report, inspectors say the school curriculum is only in its infancy following the pandemic and add that leaders should ensure all curriculum plans are sufficiently developed:

“Leaders have identified the essential knowledge pupils need to learn. The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the full implementation of this curriculum. Staff have not yet had the chance to check whether curriculum plans are as effective as they might be. In some subjects, leaders are not sufficiently clear about the expectations they have of different groups of pupils.”

Holy Family’s Oftsed report can be read in full here.


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