St George’s Crypt holds New Wortley flats plans exhibition


Plans by St George’s Crypt to build new affordable housing in New Wortley will be discussed at a public exhibition.

The Crypt, which works with the homeless, vulnerable and those suffering from addiction, aims to build 23 one and two bedroom flats on the site of the Old Liberal Club in Hedley Chase in New Wortley.

Letters have been sent out to 300 residents to invite them to the exhibition, which will be held from 3-6pm on Wednesday, 1st February, at New Wortley Community Centre.

Fundraising and PR director at St George’s Crypt, Martin Patterson, said the exhibition will see Crypt staff and architects present to answer questions and queries and from the public and show off plans and artist’s impressions of the development.

Mr Patterson said the flats would be managed alongside Leeds City Council and would be aimed primarily at local people. He said:

“The flats would provide an opportunity for people to move on towards independence, they could be people who have difficulty holding down tenancies due to personal difficulties but who have addressed those issues and now want a sustainable tenancy. The people we take will have quite a broad background.

“We chose New Wortley because people who have accessed the Crypt have had accommodation in the high rise blocks, so we know some of the issues in the area. We’re very keen for the facilities to be used by local people – it would be a disaster to just bring in people from outside and expect them to integrate.

“We are keen to promote independent living which integrates with the local community.”

Mr Patterson said he was keen to link people living in the new accommodation to local services like New Wortley Community Centre.

An Armley Forum community meeting earlier this month heard a presentation on the plans, which Mr Patterson said were well received.

The consultation comes ahead of a formal planning application being submitted.

As reported by The Dispatch last August, St George’s Crypt (Development) CIC is negotiating with the council to buy the site.

The former Liberal Club was demolished more than 10 years ago.


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