Will these measures FINALLY ease congestion between Horsforth and Rodley Roundabouts?

horsforth roundabout rodley exit
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Council chiefs have given the green light for further measures to reduce traffic congestion between the Horsforth and Rodley roundabouts.

The downhill exit onto the A6120 Ring Road from Horsforth Roundabout, heading towards Rodley, is still causing considerable traffic congestion at evening peak times – despite multi-million pound improvement work carried in 2015 on both roundabouts.

Leeds council has now decided to alter the current lanes near the roundabout to a single lane uphill, allowing two lanes to be maintained for longer in the downhill direction.

A council report says this will “significantly extend the merge length” on the downhill stretch and alleviate congestion at Horsforth roundabout.

Horsforth roundabout road changes
The ring road currently has two lanes up, one lane down at Horsforth Roundabout. Photo: Google

If the temporary changes are a success they will be implemented on a permanent basis.

The report acknowledges the measures will make it difficult for traffic to pass cyclists safely. Cyclists will be encouraged to use existing footpaths.

The report concludes:

“The changes that were made to Horsforth Roundabout in 2015/16 have had a largely positive impact with increased capacity and more consistent journey times through the junction.

“However, post-scheme monitoring has identified times when congestion continues to occur and on-site inspections have identified possible mitigation measures.

“Proposals to alter the traffic lane designations are considered to offer an opportunity to smooth the flow and further reduce congestion at a modest cost, which will represent good value for money … to the improvements already made.”

The proposed changes at Horsforth Roundabout, heading to Rodley.

No exact cost is given for the improvements, but the report says they can be accommodated within the original scheme for Horsforth Roundabout and with the current level of staffing resource.

Read the report in full here.

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  1. The original improvements were ill thought through and whilst this ‘may’ help traffic from Horsforth to Rodley, it will likely cause big queues up the hill with the restriction to one lane. Surely it would make sense to have 2 lanes up and down given there is enough space to accommodate?
    Also, this doesn’t address the bottleneck before the roundabout past the petrol station on the A6120 – this is only one lane that drivers make 2 lanes themselves which causes further congestion and is dangerous!

  2. It often takes me 20-30 mins to get from the junction of the owl at Rodley to the top of horsforth roundabout. I dread to know how long it will take if there is just one lane going up the hill!

  3. so you plan is to make it more dangerous for cyclists… which dont cause the issue, may force these cyclists to drive and cause further traffic. well thoughtout plan. plus there is no current bike paths, there is a path unsuitable to walk on and no access too it from the road, equally pedestrians scream get off the path.

    this all been said please dont male bike lanes like kirkstall road…

  4. The first day of the road change, has cause major issues, yesterday I witnessed a first responce ambulance having to do a u-turn near Rodley roundabout as the road was so busy he couldn’t get up to Horsforth, this is endangering lives, as well as causing disruption to all the surrounding area, all the way along the Ring road near Wickes DIY in bramley.
    Whoever decided on this trial needs to be Fired!!!

  5. Since the lane closure, from the Rodley roundabout to the horsforth roundabout, morning traffic is atrocious.
    In the last couple of days, there have been queues from as far back as the owlcotes centre, through Dawson’s corner roundabout and down to Rodley as early as 7.00 am.
    And this afternoon, 5th June, it took me 45 minutes to travel the 1.5 miles from the Dawson’s corner roundabout to horsforth…!!!
    There is ample room in both directions, to create another lane and alleviate bottlenecks….
    Get you hand in your pocket l.c.c, and sort it out!!!

  6. Who are the clowns that work for the council and get paid for this crap.
    And who are the bigger clowns (councillors) that we vote for….. for sat agreeing to all this after reading loads of expensive reports, having loads of meetings, and loads of lovely expensed lunches.
    I bet none of them need to drive through it everyday to get to their work and back home.
    Two lanes up and two lanes down merg d nearer the bridge….. that’s why it was built like that years and years ago to allow expansion and do this.
    Council muppets.

  7. Make the approach to the roundabout on the A6120 past the petrol station two lanes (cheaply, with some paint…) as it’s when prigs, sorry, people keep this to one lane that you get tailbacks to Low Lane. When people create two lanes the tailback is just to Fink Hill lights.
    I see the cones (and the gridlock) were gone this morning (after two accidents in two days, with the police in attendance yesterday) so either Simon B made good on his suggestion (in which case, cheers!) or the council have seen their error (unusually quickly). I hope it’s the latter or they may be back!


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