New website raises profile of Pudsey Market

Historic Pudsey Market. Photo Anna Riley

A new website raising the profile of Pudsey Market has been launched by a group of Pudsey residents.

The new site – – is part of the wider MyPudsey site, set up by volunteers Glenn and Hayley Taylor, Damon Sugden and Trish Smith.

MyPudsey exists to serve the residents, businesses and visitors of Pudsey by helping to provide up-to-date business information, job listings, event listings and town information.

Pudsey resident Glenn Taylor, who designed the site, said:

“We live in an age where content is expected to be available on demand, yet with places like markets it can be hard to establish who will be there, when it will be available and how to get there.

“That’s why we setup the Pudsey Market website, following the success of a Pudsey Market Facebook page established by Hayley, one of our team, late last year.

“There are many people with access to the internet that have no interest in platforms like Facebook, which is why we wanted to establish an easy-to-use network of websites for anybody to use, entirely free, with the aim of supporting everybody from tourists through to business owners.

“The most important part of what we’re doing is to ensure a level playing field for all, if you want to advertise your business, promote an event, or share job listings then our network allows you to do that at the click of a button, no matter who you are.”

Trish Smith, who is also a Pudsey councillor, said:

“The aim is to boost the market, let people know which stalls are on what days and generally encourage people to visit a stand-out destination in the town. The market offers good quality and well-priced products and we know a lot of work needs to be done to support it.

“Not everybody is on social media like Facebook and we didn’t want anyone to be excluded or disenfranchised.

“We also want to encourage new stallholders and push Pudsey forward as we come out of Covid. Businesses need that ongoing support.”

Leeds City Council currently has a basic online presence for the market, which runs on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

A separate Pudsey Produce Market is also runs every month.

WLD recently reported on a new microsite for the Pudsey Lottery, which also encourages people to shop locally. There are also plans for further sites.


  1. All the local businesses in Pudsey (including the market)have to realise that as much as we want to invest in
    Local shopping they have to realise that they have to be competitive in their pricing and services.When you are paying extortionate prices for items you can purchase in one of the many shops and supermarkets in the area they really must be competitive and customer friendly.


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