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New guides encourage people to help save Kirkstall’s footpaths

Words: Emily Carlill, Kirkstall Valley Development Trust (KVDT)

As part of the Save Kirkstall Footpaths campaign, creative KVDT volunteer Holly Mills has designed some walking guides for routes that have been walked by the Wednesday Walkers groups to raise awareness of un-registered paths that are at risk.

These easy-to-use guides show a map of the route to walk as well as local wildlife and nature to spot along the way.

Unlike many paths in the outer regions of Leeds, these more inner-city paths have not been made ‘definitive’ by Leeds City Council, meaning they are not recorded on Leeds City Council’s official Definitive Map of Rights of Way.

Residents have until 2026 to record these paths before they are lost. At least 20 people need to have walked and notified the council that it is in use through submitting a ‘Public Rights of Way Evidence Form’ to allow the path to be officially recorded.

As part of our ‘Save Kirkstall Footpaths’ campaign, local residents have been joining the weekly ‘Wednesday Walkers’ group, visiting different areas of Kirkstall, walking the ‘at risk’ footpaths and completing a Public Rights of Way Evidence Form.

Help us to Save Kirkstall Footpaths! Please download the guides below, walking the un-registered path.

To  help us to save this path, please download the Public Right of Way Evidence Form (pdf), complete and return to KVDT to submit to the Leeds City Council as evidence that this path is in use.

Find out more about the Save Kirkstall Footpaths campaign here and sign up to join the weekly Wednesday Walkers here.


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