New council houses earmarked for Bramley residents


Bramley residents will get first option on new housing in Broadlea Street, according to a new council report.

The council are building 24 new properties in the area – but have been criticised that the current lettings policy is unfair to tenants who have been on the housing register for a long time.

Some residents feel they have little hope of being rehoused ahead of other customers in housing need.

But a council report says:

“For this reason, the council proposes to give preference for the lettings of the new build homes to existing Leeds City Council tenants who have a connection to the local area and can demonstrate an excellent tenancy record.

“All successful applicants will have to demonstrate an excellent tenancy record for themselves and other household members.”

The introduction of a local housing policy for Bramley follows a public consultation in January.

Preference to local people was also given at the Cardigan Green development in Bramley last year.

The council report can be read in full here.






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