New A65 Travel Group will look at congestion and solutions

A65 Kirkstall Road. Photo: Google

A new group is being set up to look at traffic congestion, road safety and possible solutions on the A65 Kirkstall Road – and people are welcome to have their say.

Lats week community organisation Kirkstall Valley Development Trust (KVDT) held a public meeting online to launch its five-year plan to create a more sustainable Kirkstall Valley.

The strategy explores how KVDT can develop its existing projects, while at the same time pushing towards zero-carbon living.

KVDT’s Ian Sullivan said one of the major topics at the meeting surrounded travel and added:

“There was a lot of great ideas, but it felt like there was lots of energy around active travel. Therefore, I propose that we set up an A65 Travel Group to look at the issues surrounding traffic congestion, pollution, road safety, low traffic neighbourhoods and active travel in and around this area.  

“If you want to get involved, in a way that makes sense for you, and help to make this happen, please e-mail me ( I will co-ordinate a group of us to tackle this vital part of the zero-carbon challenge.”

Mr Sullivan said he was keen to hear more ideas about making the Kirkstall Valley more sustainable and added:

“This night was only the start of the discussion and we want to keep adding to these ideas. There are two ways that you can do this. I’ve created a “Jamboard” so that you can add more ideas. Just follow the link below and either add text or a sticky note.”

Go to the Jamboard to add ideas.

Other aims include creating a 200-acre environmental education park in inner West Leeds, developing a community led urban farm, as well as a community hub at St Ann’s Mills and a sustainability centre and community led social housing at Abbey Mills.

The strategy – which can be read in full here – says:

“By 2030, we will have established a portfolio of community resources and assets to promote community-led sustainability in the Valley. In everything we do we want to tackle pollution, climate breakdown and social inequalities as well as increase safety, health and well-being for local people.

“A major focus of our work centres on activities and facilities for the elderly, young and vulnerable groups.

“For us, this means developing community assets and resources including affordable housing, community facilities and events, greenspaces, affordable green transport options, locally sourced healthy food, and community-based renewable energy.”


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