Mourners pay their respects as they watch the Queen’s funeral in Millennium Square

queens funeral millennium square
Mourners braved the drizzle to pay their respects in Millennium Square today. Photo: Liam O'Sullivan

By Liam O’Sullivan

Mourners gathered at Millennium Square in Leeds today to watch the coverage of the Queen’s funeral.

The drizzly start to the day didn’t stop people coming together to pay their respects to the longest-reigning monarch the country has ever seen.

This historic moment was watched by the people of Leeds and across the country.

There was an understandably emotional feel in the Square, but also a sense of patriotism amongst those attending. 

People were stood up and also sat on camping chairs and benches in front of the large screen to pay their respects, as well as many sat in the temporary stand set up in the Square for the coverage.

Military members were also present, with some bearing flags outside the Civic Hall as the funeral was ongoing.

Before midday, there were two minutes of silence held across the country to mark the end of the funeral, which was impeccably observed. Many then joined in on a rendition of the national anthem.

Despite the emotional nature of the service, there was also a sense of celebration and admiration for the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

This was reflected by remarks made by those attending, such as Philippa Boxford who said she looked up to Queen Elizabeth for being an “influential female monarch and a strong woman.”

Judith Briggs told West Leeds Dispatch: “She showed people how to be respectful, how to lead and how to be a decent person.”

People from different nations also attended the service in the City Centre, such as German student Dylan Brandes, who is currently studying in Leeds. He said he “can’t imagine a United Kingdom without Elizabeth” with the Queen being “one of the reasons I fell in love with this beautiful country.”

Although Queen Elizabeth II’s reign has come to an end, the admiration shown by those in attendance today both in Leeds and across the country epitomised the positive influence Her Majesty has had on much of the British population and people across the world.


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