Migration on agenda at new Armley Café Politique

20 May 2016

Want to discuss politics and big issues? Armley Café Politique is a new initiative from Armley Labour Party and a couple of the members of Armley Junk-tion.

The first meeting will discuss the thorny issue of migration on Tuesday 7 June at the Junk-tion. The discussion will be led by Dr Paul Wetherly, reader in politics at Leeds Backett University.

Chair of Armley Labour Party, Richard Honey, said:

“The first meeting will be discussing migration – a hot ticket topic given
the coming referendum, though we’re hoping to look at the wider issues of migration and globalisation as well as how it affects the UK and neighbourhoods.

“This is intended to be an open forum, not a Labour Party meeting, and although our first speaker is a member of the party, that’s a bit coincidental and we hope to attract speakers and audience from a wider perspective than simply party politics!

“We think there is a hunger amongst some people to discuss the big issues of politics, society and culture and hope that we can offer a space for people to get together for interesting discussion, debate and generating ideas.”

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Dan says:

I was pleased to hear of this initiative, but I have no interest whatsoever in discussing immigration so I hope the project continues and extends beyond Armley: done well, meetings like this could change the future…

Might I suggest though that you try to step a bit further away from the Labour Party? As you say, you don’t want it to be another Labour Party meeting, so why mention them at all?

Can I also suggest that it would be good to choose topics for debate where the question can be put to a vote at the end? I can’t even begin to think what question you could put in relation to immigration. 😕

And finally, how about the next meeting discuss the question of whether this country can survive a full term of this government?

Techno says:

It’s rather brave, but dominated by the Labour Party the conclusion is foregone – uncontrolled immigration is an unqualified success, there are no negatives at all, and you should all shut up and get used to it.

Nigel Farage says:

Great idea but I think the ‘format’ of the evening should be clearer. Is it a talk? Is there a q and a? What’s going on?

Dan says:

The Labour Party may be unequivocally in favour of uncontrolled immigration, but I very much doubt that that is true of all the members.
And if it is? Then go down there and have a bloody good row with them.