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Mark’s History: The Rodley dog monument remembering Macey and Monty

Words and photos: Mark Stevenson

I have only ever seen one other monument to a dog in Leeds (there could be more) and that was in the graveyard of the Puritan Chapel at Bramhope. It dated from 1811 and was relocated there from someone’s garden. 

This one is at the side of the River Aire in Rodley and I noticed it a few years ago but forgot all about it until earlier this year when I passed it again.

It reads “Macey 22-1-2012” and it just so happens the second time I took a picture of it was 22-1-2021.

The bone is cut in the top so birds can drink water, Macey loved chasing birds.

Sadly or happily Macey is no longer buried there alone, Monty is now buried there with her.

If Monty was anything like Macey then they are buried in the right place as that part of the River Aire has plenty of birds to chase


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