Mark’s History: The oldest house in Bramley

4 October 2019

If you take a walk down Bramley Town Street, heading towards Armley, you will come across what is said to be the oldest house in Bramley, writes Mark Stevenson.

You cannot miss it. Nothing else on Town Street looks like it.

Whenever I hear mention of this I always think it depends on how you define old.

The oldest house in Bramley. Photo: Mark Stevenson

At one time the house was part of Killingbeck Yard (possibly named after the Killingbeck family who owned the land at one time) but now the yard has gone and has been replaced with the houses you see today.

Parts of the Old Cottage, as it is also known, dates from the 1500s, mainly the wooden frame on the inside. The brickwork you see today was added in the 1800s and may not even look like the original building. Would you date the building from the inside or the outside?

If you date it from the inside then the cottage wins the title of being the oldest house in Bramley by a long way.

Cottages on Bramley Hill. Photo: M\ark Stevenson

If you were to date it from the outside then the cottages on Bramley Hill near Houghley Gill would be classed as the oldest. They date from 1646 at least.

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Margaret Bell says:

When i first came to Leeds the old house in Bramley was an Antique Centre. I bought from there regularly.