Mark’s History: Snowy festive photos of Farsley Cenotaph

Farsley cenotaph snow
Farsley Cenotaph in the snow. Photo: Mark Stevenson

Words & photos: Mark Stevenson

Last year on Christmas Eve I was arrested for wasting police time. I reported that I had seen a man walking up Farsley Town Street carrying a gun. 

Granted, I had been on the mulled wine and the description I gave wasn’t all that convincing. CCTV was checked from local businesses but none showed a man with a gun.

Farsley Cenotaph. Photo: Mark Stevenson

As it was Christmas the police said they would let me go as they had better things to do.

I’m telling you this because I have seen the same man standing around Farsley Town Street recently.

I managed to get a photo of him, but you can’t miss him really. He wears a long coat and has a flat hat on.

Apparently it is not unusual to see him this time of year heading up Town Street towards the church.

Read Mark Stevenson’s article detailing the rich history of Farsley Cenotaph here. Have a good Christmas!


  1. Thank you again, Mark, for a fascinating and humorous article.

    If you celebrate it, I hope you have a very happy Christmas.


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