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Mark’s History: Do you recognise the former cinemas of West Leeds and Pudsey?

Here are some photos of the old cinemas from around West Leeds they were taken by a guy called Mark Platts in the 1980s, writes Mark Stevenson.

How many do you remember?

Picture House, Church Lane, Pudsey. Photo: Mark Platts
Haddon Hall Cinema in Burley. Photo: Mark Platts
Palace Picture Hall, Eyres Avenue, Armley. Photo: Mark Platts
Pavilion Cinema, Stanningley. Photo: Mark Platts
Imperial Picture House in Kirkstall Road. Photo: Mark Platts
Electric Picture Palace, Lowtown, Pudsey. Photo: Mark Platts
The former Clifton Cinema, Bramley. Photo: Mark Platts
The Lyric, Tong Road. Photo: Mark Stevenson

The Lyric was featured in-depth in Mark’s History back in 2017.

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Have we missed any cinemas? Let us know in the comments section below …


  1. Brilliant photos of cinemas but none of the Picturedrome in Wortley Road Armley We have searched but no success perhaps you might have better luck Wendy Beaumont

  2. Yes, the Lido Cinema, known affectionately as the Loppy de Luxe on Bramley Town Street which was demolished when Bramley Town Street was redeveloped. Usually showed B rated films which usually broke down to lots of cheers and stamping from the audience. Happy, fun days.

  3. I can think of at least three that have been missed. First ‘The Crown’ at bottom of Tong Road. Secondly ‘The Kinema’ at the bottom of Carr Crofts, opposite of Armley Health Centre. And thirdly the cinema that used to be on Wortley Road alongside the railway bridge and opposite Statio Approach (as it is now called but used to be Cabul Row).

  4. I think the cinema Bramley where i used to work there as a Saturday boy when it was called howarth timber and I remember seeing the last showing of Rocky 5 at the lyric cinema

  5. Notable exception is the Lido located on Bramley Town Street roughly where the Cardigan Arms was.
    Closed approx 1961.
    Burley Road and Kirkstall Road had practically a cinema at the end of most streets too.

  6. You have missed the Picturedrome Armley,Western Cinema Armley,Crown Tong Road,Picture House on Tong Road which burned down in 1936 ,Palace Stanningley Road

  7. Yes,remember the Haddon Hall cinema,plus the Imperial on Kirkstall Road(.also the Embassy?).
    There was a cinema on Burley Road,the Burley Cinema,until 1959(you can find this on Leodis website

  8. Yes. You’ve missed the cinema at Rodley bottom. Apart from the radio it was where we got wartime news. (Pathé, I think).
    They also screened a Saturday matinee for children. A huge treat before the days of television.

  9. Remember the Clifton Cinema at Bramley Town End so well. A nice cinema and a favourite, especially the double seats on the back few rows. Happy memories of good times.

  10. There was a small cinema just off Stanningley Road, down one of the streets from Armley Branch Library. Perhaps that was the Western that another correspondent has mentioned. The Picturedrome, or one of them, was on a Street ran from the end of Whingate Road where it joined Whingate itself. Can’t remember the name of the road now but there was a pub on the Whingate corner called, I think, The Commercial. Saw many films there around the end of WW II. Hard to believe nowadays, but a group of us children would stand outside the entrance when the film had an A classification, clutching our ninepences, and ask passing couples, ‘Tek us in, Mister?’. We rarely missed a film.


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