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Mark’s History: From a Burley Road jewellery shop to Bramham Motors

In 1914 Harry Stanhope and his brothers Ted and Herbert (descendants of J Montagu Spencer Stanhope of Horsforth) had a clock and jewellery shop at 119 Burley Road it was one of the first to have electric in the area, writes Mark Stevenson.

All three of the brothers loved to tinker about in the cellar with anything mechanical. Their ideas and designs – especially Harry’s – caught the attention of a wealthy Leeds motor trader, Rowland Winn. In July of 1914 they applied for a patent for a type of front-wheel drive.

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Stanhope Motors Ltd was formed after the war with the intention of making the cars at 119 Burley Road, but in 1920 the factory moved to the Greenside Works, Dixon Lane, Lower Wortley.

In 1921 Rowland Winn pulled out of the venture the post war economy and strikes were probably to blame for this. Plus, the car was on sale for £225 instead of the more affordable £90.

A butcher (a wealthy one) had seen the Stanhope’s car in action around Harewood and was impressed enough to invest in the company. The company would now be known as Bramham Motors Ltd and the cars would be known as the Bramham’s.

The business never really took off and in 1924 Walter Bramham went back to doing what he did best, being a butcher. He closed the works down and converted the building to make Pork Pies.

The brothers went back to 119 Burley Road to try on their own but with the death of Harry Stanhope in 1925 from Influenza production ceased


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