Lord Mayor and Bramley War Memorial volunteers visit Swinnow Community Centre


Regulars at Swinnow Community Centre were treated to a visit from the Lord Mayor of Leeds and the people behind the new Branley War Memorial project. Community reporter NEIL RUDDY has the details.

The Lord Mayor of Leeds Labour Councillor Gerry Harper was asked by Norma Anne Robertson to come and visit her Disabled, Deaf and Blind group (DDABs).

Norma is the founder of the DDABs group, which meets every Wednesday at Swinnow Community Centre from 10am to dinnertime.

The group was created so that persons with a disability can come to the centre have a chat with people and have a nice cup of tea and biscuits. Occasionally they may ask a group or individual to come and do a talk on a local subject.

Today was one of those occasions where the group had arranged for members of the British Legion and Bramley War Memorial to come in and do a talk.

The archivist, John Barker, and his wife, Frances Barker who is also the Bramley Poppy appeal organiser, gave a talk about the history of war memorials.

In addition John gave a comprehensive talk about how the Bramley War Memorial was conceived, designed and built.

In addition John talked about war hero Geoffrey Appleyard, who was a highly decorated and a local Bramley lad who served in the SAS, Commandos and the Special Operations Executive (Winston Churchill’s secret army).

Interestingly Ian Fleming, the creator of the James Bond character, may have based 007 on the wartime experiences of Appleyard.

After the talk the Lord Mayor and the local Councillors who attended the talk alongside the members of the DDABS group had a really good chat, a cup of tea and a buffet provided by Swinnow Community Centre.


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