Listed: All the sites allocated in Inner West Leeds housing masterplan

Armley Gyratory
Photo: Mark Stevenson

A former gas works at Armley Gyratory and land off Kirkstall Road are among 39 sites in inner-city Leeds set for more than 3,500 new homes, after a new document from Leeds City Council was rubber-stamped, writes Richard Beecham.

The site allocations plan (SAP) is the city’s new housing master plan, outlining in extensive detail where new homes should be built in Leeds over the coming decade.

Following a year of disagreements, which culminated in an inquiry into the plans, Leeds City Council this month finally rubber-stamped the document.

The SAP is split into 11 “housing characteristic areas”, each with their own proposed sites earmarked for housing and employment development.

This article will focus on plans for the so-called “Inner Area”. This forms a doughnut of places around Leeds City Centre, including parts of Burley, Wortley and Armley, as well as Woodhouse, Chapeltown, Harehills, Burmantofts, Richmond Hill, East End Park (East), Hunslet, Beeston, Holbeck.

It also contains parts of estates further out of town, such as Gipton, Seacroft, Halton Moor, Belle Isle and Middleton.

As well as housing, the document lists green spaces which should be protected from development.

It is expected that developers will use the SAP as a guide on what they can build in Leeds and whereabouts, while the council claims it will give the city extra protection from “bad developments”.

Sites allocated in the new SAP in ‘Inner’ West Leeds are:

Site at Kirkstall Road, Leeds (5.16 hectares) – 553 units and 41,000 square metres of office space.
Site at Wellington Road, Leeds (2.48 hectares) – 325 units and 5,000 square metres of office space.
Former Gas Works, Armley Gyratory (5.42 hectares) – 122 units and 2.5 hectares of employment land.
Burley Willows Care Home, Burley (0.47 hectares) – 28 units.
Land at Burley Street, Burley (0.14 hectares) – 48 units.
Land near Wesley Road and Tong Road, Armley (1.03 hectares) – 38 units.
Land off Holdforth Place, Armley (0.82 hectares) – 48 units.
Gassey Fields, Oak Road, New Wortley (2.32 hectares) – 113 units.
Land to the rear of Round House, Graingers Way, Armley (0.99 hectares) – 310 units.
Burley Liberal Club, Burley Road (0.57 hectares) – 50 units.

Sites in other parts of inner city Leeds include:

Miles Hill Primary School, Beckhill Approach, Meanwood (2.28 hectares) – 79 units.
Former Hill Top Pub, Beckhill Grove, Meanwood (0.49 hectares) – 14 units
Land at Amberton Terrace, Gipton (1.57 hectares) – 57 units (43 in Inner Area)
Amberton HOP, Thorn Mount, Gipton (0.55 hectares) – 20 units
Land at Barncroft Close, Seacroft (0.67 hectares) – 27 units.
Askets and Boggarts (B), Seacroft (5.44 hectares) – 150 units.
Askets and Boggarts (D), Seacroft (4.39 hectares) – 88 units.
Land at Brooklands Avenue, Seacroft (0.83 hectares) – 26 units.
Land at South Parkway and Brooklands, Seacroft (1.58 hectares) – 68 units.
Land at South Parkway and Brooklands, Seacroft (1.54 hectares) – 65 units.
Land at Hawkshead Crescent, Seacroft (0.78 hectares) – 25 units.
Buslingthorpe Tannery / Hill Top Works, Sheepscar (3.23 hectares) 0 189 units.
Land at Gledhow Road / Gledhow Terrace (0.43 hectares) – 25 units.
Former Shaftesbury PH, York Road (0.63 hectares) – 23 units.
Land at York Road / Selby Road, Seacroft (0.9 hectares) – 32 units (20 in Inner Area).
Land at Wykebeck Avenue, Osmondthorpe (1.44 hectares) – 52 units.
Land at Kendall Drive, Halton Moor ( 0.51 hectares) – 15 units.
Land at Neville Road, Halton Moor (2.75 hectares) – 83 units.
Land at Cambrian Street, Beeston (0.64 hectares) – 37 units.
Land at Winrose Drive, Middleton (0.41 hectares) – 13 units.
Land at Seacroft Crescent, Seacroft (1.55 hectares) – 50 units.
Land at Bishops Way, Seacroft (3.74 hectares) – 62 units.
Land at York Road / South Parkway, Seacroft (1.22 hectares) – 30 units.
Halton Moor PH, Halton Moor (0.72 hectares) – 30 units.
Land at Ramshead Approach, Seacroft (1.33 hectares) – 48 units.
Thomas Danby College, Roundhay Road (4.82 hectares) – 118 units and one hectare of employment land.
Compton Arms, Compton Road, Burmantofts (0.45 hectares) – 50 units.
Benyon House, Middleton (2.48 hectares) – 37 units and 1.24 hectares of employment land.
Hudson Mill, Burmantofts (20.2 hectares) – 470 units and 4.3 hectares of employment land.

This would add up to a potential 3,592 new homes being built in the inner city of Leeds

It added that part of the 5.16 hectare site at Kirkstall Road should be retained for use as a school.

Two gypsy and traveller sites, at Tulip Street and Urn Farm, should also be safeguarded for gypsy and traveller use.

The document stated that a 0.49 hectare site at Wellington Road and Gotts Road should be allocated for 20,370 square metres of office space.

Meanwhile, land at Brown Lane West in Holbeck; the former Co-op Dairy Depot in Gelderd Road; another 0.99 hectare site in Gelderd Road; a site at Tulip Street; and Land at Armley Road should all be designated for general employment use.

A total of 310 sites in this area will be protected as green space.


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