Listed: All the motorbike events and races at Post Hill this year

Post Hill Pudsey
Looking up to the top of Post Hill. It was used for motorbike scrambling - it's not Roman and it's not a road! Photo: West Leeds Dispatch

West Leeds Motor Club has released a schedule of its trial events on Post Hill this year.

The full list of events motorbike events can be found here:

People can keep up to date with any amendments/changes via the West Leeds Motor Club website.

Post Hill has traditionally been a home for motorbike racing and ‘scrambling’ over the years, with the races being screened on the BBC in the 1950s and 1060s. West Leeds Motor Club itself dates back to 1947.

According to the Farnley History Society, racing on the Post Hill site dates back even longer:

“In 1925 Leeds Motor Club were looking for land on which to construct tracks for speed and freak climbing conditions. A Mr. Fred Langton “discovered” the hill, and the Yorkshire Evening Post arranged to purchase the land, and present it for the permanent use of the Leeds Motor Club, as a centre for motoring events.

“Officials of the club announced that as a compliment to the Yorkshire Evening Post the hill would be named Post Hill. The site was cleared of shrubs and small trees and there was ample stone to lay a rough track. The inclined length of the hill is 527ft and rises 200ft. The steepest gradient is 1 in 1.6O. On 24th July 1926 the hill was formally presented to the club by Mr RR Whittaker, editor of the Evening Post. Sir Charles Wilson, MP, officially declared the hill open. There was an estimated crowd of 10,000 spectators when racing began.”

Tragedy struck Post Hill when a tractor trying to climb the one in three gradient over turned and crushed the doctor passenger in front of 2,000 spectators in 1931.

Follow this link for more of WLD‘s coverage of Post Hill.

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