Leeds International Film Festival comes to Bramley Lawn


Bramley Elderly Action has broken new ground by hosting an event in Leeds International Film Festival for the first time.

The screening, at Bramley Lawn social centre, was of 10 short films made by older people earlier this year, as part of the European Cinage project.

Three of the films were made in Leeds, the others being from Italy, Slovenia and Portugal. All the films deal with a range of issues focusing on ageing.

After the screening, five of the Leeds film makers took part in a lively question and answer session, with a large audience of local older people and many others who had come along thanks to the inclusion of the screening in the Film Festival programme.

The films were very well received by the audience, many of whom related closely to themes that included music and dance, forgetfulness, approaching death, retirement and intergenerational relationships.

Rob Cook of Bramley Elderly Action and one of the film-makers, said:

“It was a real privilege to work with a group of creative, committed older people to make these films. It’s never too late to learn and enjoy new skills! It’s fantastic to bring Leeds International Film Festival to Bramley for the first time!”

Fran Graham, manager of Bramley Lawn, said:

“We’re trying new things out here at Bramley Lawn because whatever age you are, life should be full of opportunities, so we we’re delighted to use our mini-cinema to get people together to watch films exploring what getting older means for people around Europe.”

The Northern Film School, who ran the course for older film-makers in Leeds, is currently recruiting new participants. If you would like to be involved in learning about and making films, contact Dave Turner on 0113 812 3330.

Bramley Lawn is a social centre hosting a range of activities for older people and space for the whole community. It’s managed by Bramley Elderly Action, an independent charity which provides opportunities and support for older people, aged 60 and over, in Bramley, Swinnow and parts of Stanningley.

The organisation has 1,100 members and 150 volunteers, ranging in age from 18-97.

Leeds International Film Festival is the largest film festival in England outside London and is now in its 29th year. The 2015 Festival is hosting around 350 films and events and is a qualifying film festival for the Oscars.


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