Leeds election candidate profiles 2022: Calverley & Farsley Ward

leeds civic hall
Leeds Civic Hall

Voters in Calverley & Farsley Ward will go to the polls on Thursday 5 May, 2022 for the Leeds City Council elections. Voters will be electing one councillor.

Your West Leeds Dispatch has written to each candidate asking them for a statement of up to 300 words and a head and shoulders photograph to help you decide who to vote for. Here are their responses…

CARTER, Andrew – Conservative Party

15 Clarke Street, Calverley, Pudsey, LS28 5NH.

I welcome this opportunity to make a few points before the Local Elections on May the 5th.

I was born and have lived all my life in the ward, and have a lifetime commitment to our local communities, and I am very proud of the fact that Farsley, Pudsey, Calverley and Rodley are still very much independent communities.  

I hope I have demonstrated my commitment to all our communities over the years.  

The days are long gone when being a councillor was a part-time job. You must be prepared to be on call and willing to make that commitment, helping individual constituents – and I absolutely am.  

We face many challenging local issues, one of the most important being road safety, now tragically highlighted by the fatality on the A647.  

We must now demand action with fixed speed cameras. Elsewhere in the ward there are numerous locations where we have asked and need road safety measures. Rodley Lane, Calverley, Coal Hill Lane, Farsley and Carr Road, along with further road safety measures in Farsley Town Street and Woodhall Road, Calverley.  

We need to see off the Labour council’s threats to our greenbelt, take much stronger action on tackling crime and anti-social-behaviour and the menace of quad bikes. 

Protecting and improving the environment is our task to pass onto future generations, improving our parks, rights of way and providing facilities for everyone.

I have always believed that my role as a local councillor is to put the interests of our communities first, to meet today and tomorrow’s challenges head on, and to speak up irrespective of party politics. 

I hope I can rely on your support again on 5 May. If you have a postal vote, don’t forget to use it.

DOWLING, Ian George – Liberal Democrat

11 Woodhall Park Mount, Stanningley, Pudsey, Leeds, LS28 7HE.

I am a local resident, married with five adult children and four grandchildren, and have lived in the Calverley and Farsley Ward for the last three years, having moved to Leeds in 1989. 

I am a chartered management accountant working in the National Institute for Health Research based in Leeds and have previously worked in British Gas, Royal Mail and the NHS.

Calverley and Farsley needs a fresh voice to represent the area on Leeds City Council. As your Liberal Democrat Councillor I would champion the needs of the area as we emerge from the impact of the pandemic.

The current Labour controlled council does not look after an area like ours. It has removed funding for PCSOs that help keep the area safe, blocked Liberal Democrat proposals to enhance recycling initiatives, and diverted funding away from the provision of local services to its city of culture vanity project.

Under Boris Johnson’s Conservatives the planning laws designed to protect green belt have been eroded allowing inappropriate housing development to proceed, despite Liberal Democrat and local residents’ objections and tax on hardworking low and middle income families has increased. 

As the Liberal Democrat councillor for Calverley and Farsley I will be committed to working across the ward to:

  • Improve local transport for local residents who are increasingly feeling stranded because of the lack of adequate provision and cuts in both bus and rail services.
  • Protect the environment and I fully support the Liberal Democrats’ demands for improved recycling (e.g. Kerbside Glass collection).
  • Work to improve local services and facilities working in partnership with local businesses and organisations ensuring spending is focussed on local services which we need and should expect.

On 5 May vote for Ian Dowling to provide a fresh voice as your Liberal Democrat councillor.

GRAHAM, Ellen Jean – Green

Address in Leeds.

This is my fourth time standing as a local election candidate in the Calverley and Farsley ward, the area that I have been proud to call my home for the last five years.

I stand as a candidate because I can see the positive impact that Green councillors are having around the country and I am proud to be part of a growing and dynamic Green movement across this city. 

Last year saw our best local election results in our history with Green representation now on 141 councils across England and Wales. As your councillor I will be a strong voice on Leeds City Council and as Greens are never forced to ‘toe the party line’, I will always be free to speak up for this area whatever the issue.  

As a councillor for the Calverley and Farsley ward I will particularly focus on: 

  • Strengthening local public transport networks so that they work for people and not profit  
  • Protecting our environment and improving access to our green spaces  
  • Working to ensure that our communities are clean and safe for all, including working with the police to tackle hate crime 

I have spent most of my career working for charities and non-governmental organisations at a local and international level on issues ranging from racial equality, humanitarian aid, and the rights of older people. I have experience of working with campaigners and politicians at all levels.

As a councillor, I will commit to working closely with residents, local businesses, self-employed people, and voluntary and community groups to ensure that all have a voice and are heard in our local decision-making and democratic processes.

LEES, Robert Andrew – Yorkshire Party

44 The Fairway, Stanningley, Pudsey, LS28 7RE.

I was born and brought up in Yorkshire, I have lived in our ward for six years with my young family.

I am standing in this election to help bring about change for this community. This election is about local issues that affect us all. As your Yorkshire Party councillor, I would focus on your concerns and always work for the benefit of our community.

My priorities are:

Local spaces

Community buildings, green spaces and pubs are the glue that holds our community together. As councillor I would work hard to improve funding, facilities and access to community spaces and increase support for independent local businesses.

Local transport

Introduce more bus routes to improve connections between our towns and villages, use smart tap-to-pay across West Yorkshire and develop a mass transit system for the long term

Redesign problem road junctions and pinch-points to improve traffic flow for all road users and to reduce journey times.


Defend green spaces by building efficient homes on brownfield sites and unused urban spaces.


Protect our community by deploying more police officers, clamping down on burglaries, anti-social behaviour and driving offences.

I would support everyone across the ward and provide a strong voice for Calverley, Farsley, Rodley, and Woodhall.

Vote for a fresh approach.

THOMAS Justin – Social Democrat Party

Address in Leeds.

TIMMINS, Craig Lee – Labour Party

Flat at The Calverley Arms, Calverley Lane, Calverley, LS28 5QQ.

I have lived in Calverley and run a successful business in our community for many years. This is the place where we want to raise our family, our son is in nursery at one of our local schools. I love our community and I want to make it a great place to grow up in, work in and have a family in.

The last Labour government gave my family opportunities that would never have been given otherwise, the ability not to have to accept your lot in life but to aspire to your dreams.

In my family now, we have the first generation of university graduates, homeowners and people achieving their dreams.

I want to be your councillor because I have a passion for making the place we live better and strengthening our community ties. I want to be a Labour councillor because they share my values of Honesty, Respect and Opportunity for everyone.

No areas will be forgotten. I will be a strong voice for Calverley, Farsley, Pudsey, Rodley, Stanningley, Thornbury & Woodhall.

My Pledges;

Security and Safety

I will spearhead campaigns that will offer peace of mind to our residents on areas such as road safety, anti-social behaviour, and the environment.

Local Economy

I will support projects and businesses that will create jobs and enhance the quality of living in our area.

Engage with Young People

You have my full attention! Far too often you are side-lined – I want to hear your priorities.

Showcase the Good in Our Community

I will support, encourage, and use my position to promote groups and events organised by local people designed to enhance the places we live.

Fight Unsustainable Development

I will fight against unsustainable development, fix our local infrastructure and put the environment first. Elect me and let’s invigorate our area together.


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