Latest West Leeds planning applications: 28 April 2019


Over the previous three weeks Leeds City Council have validated 346 planning applications for sites across the Leeds area. Of these, 37 are applications for tree works, writes Jim Corah.

Below are the applications that apply to the Wards that are covered by West Leeds Dispatch. Members of the public and community groups all can have a say in the planning process, and planning applications can be found by searching Leeds council’s planning portal.

Links are provided for all of the applications below.


Alterations including part two storey part single storey side and rear extension 
51 Kirkstall Mount Bramley Leeds LS5 3DP
Ref. No: 19/02311/FU | Status: Current

Change of use from a dwelling house (C3) to a House of Multiple Occupation (C4) 
22 Armley Park Road Armley Leeds LS12 2PG
Ref. No: 19/02282/FU | Status: Current

Dormer window 
6 Paisley Street Armley Leeds LS12 3JS
Ref. No: 19/02273/FU | Status: Current

Single storey side and rear extension 
37 Armley Grange Avenue Armley Leeds LS12 3QN
Ref. No: 19/01762/FU | Status: Current

Retrospective application for division of dwelling into two flats 
28 Wyther Park Crescent Armley Leeds LS12 2RY
Ref. No: 18/05614/FU | Status: Current

Bramley & Stanningley

Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of previous approval 18/02903/FU to allow amendments to the retention of trees 
Glenlea Surgery 703 Leeds And Bradford Road Bramley Leeds LS28 6PE
Ref. No: 19/02226/FU | Status: Current

Change of use of a dwelling house (class use C3) to house of multiple occupancy (class use C4) 
45 Landseer Way Bramley Leeds LS13 2TU
Ref. No: 19/01957/FU | Status: Current

Repair of Unity house to comprise removal of external precast reinforced concrete panels and replacement with brick to all elevations
22 Langley Road Bramley Leeds LS13 1AU
Ref. No: 19/01689/FU | Status: Current

Erection of two dwellings 
Land At 79 Waterloo Lane Bramley Leeds LS13 2JE
Ref. No: 19/00748/FU | Status: Current

Calverley & Farsley

Single storey side and rear extension – NON MATERIAL AMENDMENT to 18/06095/FU – incorporate integral garage into dwelling to form larger hall corridor to rear; replace rear hipped roof with gable to one side with installation of an additional rooflight; bi-folding doors to rear elevation
9 Kirklees Garth Farsley Pudsey LS28 5TQ
Ref. No: 19/9/00122/MOD | Status: Current

Demolition of workshops and outbuildings within the site and the construction of eight new dwellings as well as the conversion and extension of the former workshop building on Arthur Street to form a house. – NON MATERIAL AMENDMENT to 16/04296/FU – amend Condition 2 of application 16/04296/FU which stipulates “The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the approved plans listed in the Plans Schedule”.
Land Off New Street Farsley Pudsey LS28
Ref. No: 19/9/00116/MOD | Status: Current

Single storey conservatory to rear 
81 Crowther Avenue Calverley Pudsey LS28 5SA
Ref. No: 19/02350/FU | Status: Current

Certificate of proposed lawful development for single storey rear extension; flue to side
46 Parkside Road Farsley Pudsey LS28 5BG
Ref. No: 19/02315/CLP | Status: Current

Two storey extension to side and single storey extension to front 
Beech Cottage Sunfield Stanningley Pudsey LS28 6DE
Ref. No: 19/02326/FU | Status: Current

Consent, agreement or approval required by conditions 3, 5, 17 and 22 of Planning Application 18/06137/FU
Ross Studios Rodley Lane Rodley Leeds
Ref. No: 19/02338/COND | Status: Current

T1 & T1 Conifer – Fell due to being a nuisance to property 
40A Carr Road Calverley Pudsey LS28 5RH
Ref. No: 19/02283/TR | Status: Current

Conversion of garage to habitable room and hardstanding to rear/side 
3 Orchard Drive Stanningley Pudsey LS28 7FH
Ref. No: 19/02219/FU | Status: Current

T1 Ash – To Fell T2 Mature Beech – Reduce side overhanging side by 4 metres T3 Dead Sycamore – Fell completely dead and in danger of falling. T4 & T5 Co dependant Sycamores – Fell one is completely dead and other is declining. H2 & T6 Conifer Hedge and Cherry Tree – Reduce to both down to a height of 4 metres H1 Leylandii – Remove due to being oppressive and blocking view from house, client intends to build on site of hedge. G1 Sycamore group – Remove two declining trees, deadwood remaining sycamores.
103 Rodley Lane Rodley Leeds LS28 5QH
Ref. No: 19/01538/TR | Status: Current

Single storey rear extension 
38 Moorland Road Stanningley Pudsey LS28 8EJ
Ref. No: 19/02194/FU | Status: Current

Conversion of garage to habitable room; dormer window to rear
24 Woodhall Park Crescent East Stanningley Pudsey LS28 7HG
Ref. No: 19/02026/FU | Status: Current

Retrospective application for two non-illuminated signs 
White Rose Ltd Ravenscliffe Road Calverley Pudsey LS28 5RZ
Ref. No: 19/01938/ADV | Status: Current

Two storey side extension and dormer windows to front and rear – NON MATERIAL AMENDMENT to 18/06050/FU – rear roof canopy over bi-fold doors
2 Daleside Grove Stanningley Pudsey LS28 8HE
Ref. No: 19/9/00094/MOD | Status: Current

Farnley & Wortley

Consent, agreement or approval required by conditions 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 16 and 17 of Planning Application 12/02323/EXT
249 Pudsey Road Bramley Leeds LS13 4JA
Ref. No: 19/02394/COND | Status: Current

Single storey extension to side and rear 
3 Kirkdale Crescent Farnley Leeds LS12 6AY
Ref. No: 19/02347/FU | Status: Current

Listed Building Application for replacement front door and door jambs; replacement ground floor window stone mullions (existing windows to be retained)
1 Holme Farm Court New Farnley Leeds LS12 5UA
Ref. No: 19/02056/LI | Status: Current

Consent, agreement or approval required by conditions 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 for application 18/02997/FU
New Farnley Cricket Club Lawns Lane Farnley Leeds LS12 5ES
Ref. No: 19/02003/COND | Status: Current

New boundary wall including gates to front
1A Hare Farm Avenue Farnley Leeds LS12 5QB
Ref. No: 19/01912/FU | Status: Current


Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for Change of Use from A3 (Cafe and Restaurants) to C3 (residential)
First Floor Office Rear Of 346 Kirkstall Road Burley Leeds LS4 2DS
Ref. No: 19/02471/CLP | Status: Current

6.0m single storey rear extension, 3.9 to ridge height and 2.8m to eaves 
281 Spen Lane West Park Leeds LS16 5EJ
Ref. No: 19/02496/DHH | Status: Current

Single storey side/rear extension including new pitched roof to existing rear extension; alterations to existing first floor window to side 
115 Eden Crescent Burley Leeds LS4 2TS
Ref. No: 19/02112/FU | Status: Current

Listed Building Application for the insertion of a mezzanine floor 
Unit 2A Savins Mill Way Kirkstall Leeds LS5 3RP
Ref. No: 19/02058/LI | Status: Current

Consent, agreement or approval of condition 12 of planning appliction 17/08353/FU
The Merry Monk Kirkstall Hill Kirkstall Leeds LS4 2TX
Ref. No: 19/01926/COND | Status: Current

Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for addition of pitched roof to side extension
14 Queenswood Road Headingley Leeds LS6 3EQ
Ref. No: 19/01720/CLP | Status: Current

Installation of cabin and canopy within area of existing car park to create car park valeting service 
1 Savins Mill Way Kirkstall Leeds LS5 3RP
Ref. No: 19/01446/FU | Status: Current


Certificate of proposed lawful development for a hip to gable roof extension and dormer window to rear; obscure glazed window to new rooms in roofspace
96 Tyersal Road Tyersal Bradford BD4 8EU
Ref. No: 19/02322/CLP | Status: Current

Detached single storey outbuilding to rear
13 Swinnow Drive Swinnow Leeds LS13 4NT
Ref. No: 19/02300/FU | Status: Current

Conversion and extension of former school science block to form 16 apartments with car parking
The Grange Richardshaw Lane Pudsey LS28 7FF
Ref. No: 19/02299/FU | Status: Current

Telecommunications equipment upgrade 
Park Square House Park Square Pudsey LS28 7RG
Ref. No: 19/02302/FU | Status: Current

Removal of condition 4 (operating hours) of approval 25/458/04/FU to permit 24 hours a day use 
Unit 3 Carlisle Drive Pudsey LS28 8QW
Ref. No: 19/02252/FU | Status: Current

New exit and roller shutter 
114 Richardshaw Lane Stanningley Pudsey LS28 6BN
Ref. No: 19/02178/FU | Status: Current

One block of three terrace houses 
Boars Head Roker Lane Pudsey LS28 9HW
Ref. No: 19/00355/FU | Status: Current

While every effort is made in collecting the information above, omissions may still occur.


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  1. Not happy to have discovered by chance that the local cricket club has submitted an application for a 2-storey (are 2 levels truly necessary?) changing room not too distant from our back door! Whatever happened to being polite & letting local residents know about such proposals in advance? Poor PR on their part here, which seems sadly to be becoming a habit.

  2. That makes the situation even worse then. They’ve had even longer than I initially thought to show some consideration & courtesy to local residents & don’t appear to believe we might have any concern over such a development. I know for a fact that we have not received any notification through the door about it, yet the building work alone will have a significant impact on our lives. Supporting a local business clearly does not suggest that the local business will reciprocate – rather a sad state of affairs.


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